Terms of Use (CC: Currency & Coin Converter)

Currency & Coin Converter is made available to the User free of charge. Some features of Currency & Coin Converter , however, may only be available via purchase with costs. In order to use all features of Currency & Coin Converter , access to the Internet may be necessary.

Currency & Coin Converter is provided via Apple App Store and their associated infrastructure.

Currency & Coin Converter enables users to scan and search products on external open sources. In this context, Currency & Coin Converter acts exclusively as an intermediary, but does not itself become a party to any resulting contract between the Website (as seller) and the User (as buyer). Users acknowledge and agree that their contract with the Website may be governed by the Website’s General Terms and Conditions and a separate Website Privacy Policy, which both are the sole responsibility of the Website.

BAEV Tech shall endeavor to ensure a high availability and reliability of Currency & Coin Converter (“best effort”). However, BAEV Tech can expressly not guarantee that Currency & Coin Converter or individual features of app are continuously, at any time and/or fully available. BAEV Tech recommends the User to perform a regular data backup of his/her smartphone including Currency & Coin Converter.

The User shall not be legally entitled to use Currency & Coin Converter . BAEV Tech may discontinue its providing of Currency & Coin Converter or exclude the User from using Currency & Coin Converter at any time without stating any reasons. BAEV Tech may change Currency & Coin Converter at any time without stating any reasons, in particular with regard to paid functionalities, if any.

Limitation of Liability

Subject to mandatory legal provisions, BAEV Tech shall not assume any liability for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of Currency & Coin Converter or in connection with Currency & Coin Converter .

In the case of violations of these terms of use and in the case of violation of rights and corresponding claims of third parties, the User shall expressly indemnify BAEV Tech from any liability and shall be liable for damages vis-à-vis BAEV Tech to the full extent.

General terms

BAEV Tech may change these terms of use at any time. The User will be informed about such changes in a suitable manner. The User may discontinue the use of Currency & Coin Converter at any time. By continuing the use of Currency & Coin Converter after changes of these terms of use have been notified, the User shall expressly consent to such changes.